Low Water Supply: How Will Your Lawn and Landscape Survive?

Most lawns are grossly over watered and it is possible to bring a lawn even if you’re in a place where water supply is low. A deeper root system and a healthier plant which is more tolerant to adverse conditions can be achieved by wearing a lawn off of its water habit.

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Furthermore, getting through periods of water scarcity can be done through selecting drought tolerant grasses and avoiding further stress on drought-stricken lawns. If you badly want a lawn even though your region has limited rainfall or experiences drought, then here some tips that can help you build your lawn even if the conditions are quite harsh. Learning how to properly water a lawn will go a long way towards supporting it during a time of drought or water restrictions because most lawns are over watered.

The lawns are not responsible for water use but the people themselves. There are management techniques that you can use to help the lawn during a drought. Staying off the lawn can be of great help. Avoiding further stress is the key because, during the times of drought, conditions are extremely stressful.

To retain all the moisture that it can, hold off on projects like detaching and aerating and keep the height of cut as high as possible. Aside from that, regular summer heat can also stress a lawn up to the point where it declines. To pull through the rough times, you can manage the stresses. The most important aspects of dealing with summer heat are by keeping the height of cut as high as possible and encourage deep rooting.

To avoid further decline or inviting destructive elements, it is crucial to avoid further stresses such as aerating and detaching. Some grasses can thrive in conditions most grasses could never handle because they are drought tolerant by nature. Unique cultivars of grass which are attractive lawn grasses while being tolerant can be achieved if drought tolerant traits can be isolated and retained during breeding. It is important not to add additional stress on your lawn when drought strikes.

Devastating consequences can occur if you mow the lawn too short and even too often during the drought period. The dormant grass may become worn, injured, and not incapable to recover once rain and cooler temperatures return. Important synthetic material and retention of moisture are important so it is advisable to keep the lawn high.

Furthermore, infrequent watering and drought stress can be tolerated by a lush lawn maintained at a height of at least inches because there are increased moisture reserves in the leaf tissue and root system. A little patch of artificial turf can also be used if you want to have a sitting area. Easy maintenance and many varieties of artificial turf are some of its advantages. Artificial patches will look like real and will surely give you the feeling of having a green and healthy lawn. However, it’s still best that you have real turf in your property. If you really want to achieve that, you can also reach out to a professional landscaping or lawn contractor such as Maple Grove landscape services.

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